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Seasons change and so does your guest's satisfaction.

Updated: Jun 17, 2022

June's Blog 2022


Associate & Experience Designer ↝ Arq. Andrea J. Calvo Méndez.


We live in a world where every second counts. Customers are looking for increasingly personalized experiences, and companies seek to demonstrate their ability to adapt and change to market demands. In the case of hotels, guests are at the center of the business, which is why their satisfaction becomes a primary metric, and good comments are transformed into positive results. But how can we transform something as subjective as satisfaction into a practical tool that constantly improves the experience we provide in our hotel?

The first thing we must understand is that we do not handle a finished product: as time goes by, seasons change and so do people. The client we received 5 years ago now has children, or perhaps his job has involved a lot more travel, and therefore he has come into contact with new destinations and services. This means that the needs and standards of this guest are not the same as they were 5 or 2 years ago.

How can we then make our hotel a living organism that remains in constant improvement so as not to perish over time?

At Leona we like to go through the words people leave behind with a magnifying glass: we observe, listen and analyze. People love to be heard, and we love to ask questions. As part of the research tools we use for our Advice Package, we conduct audits where we talk directly to guests, ask them what concerns them about their experience, what went well, and what could have been better; we talk to children, to seniors: we believe in a direct approach and H-H (human to human) dialogue before proposing any design of any kind.


How does Leona do it?

We take guest evaluations from several months ago and review them carefully, then identify trends and the core source of the problem. Beyond solving it momentarily, we set about the task of creating comprehensive design strategies that work in the long term, coordinating the efforts of all areas of the hotel and optimizing its resources, leaving room for the inevitable change that comes with working for and by people every day.

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